Efficient, Effective, Responsive state government

Local-IngenuityMy colleagues and I are making good on our promises to improve Michigan for our hardworking men and women, to protect their rights, to improve educational opportunities for our children, and to make state government work for taxpayers.

_A4M7317With common-sense reforms, we are working to position Michigan as a top-tier state that encourages job creation and investment.  At the same time, we are keeping Michigan’s own fiscal house in order by passing balanced state budgets with investments in our schools and communities, and paying down long-term debt and liability.  I supported balanced budgets that were passed ahead of schedule for 3 years in a row after retiring a $1.8 billion structural budget deficit that led to gridlock and crises year after year.  All three major Wall Street credit ratings agencies have upgraded Michigan’s credit outlook as a vote of confidence in the reforms we passed.  We have reduced unfunded liabilities by more than $16 billion that is boosting bond ratings and lowering debt costs for our children and grandchildren.

GH shaking hands paradeThe role of government is not to manage the economy from Lansing.  Its role is to create the leanest, simplest tax structure and regulatory system possible and then step out of the way.

As our economy continues to improve, I support maintaining fiscal discipline and continue to re-evaluate our spending priorities and invest where necessary to focus on what is important: growing jobs in Michigan.

Reduced unemployment, higher wages and greater profitability will continue to increase our state’s tax base and lessen the financial strain on other areas of our state budget.