Jobs and the Economy

Barber-SteelAs income growth, per capita personal income, homes sales, and consumer confidence continues to rise, Michigan is coming back!  Whether it’s supporting the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians economic development project in Muskegon County or The Starting Block in Hart, a kitchen incubator for aspiring entrepreneurs, or even supporting the various projects of the Newaygo County Economic Development Office, we must continue to build a vibrant, growing economy that supports our hardworking men and women and encourages them to invest, expand and create jobs.

Michigan’s continued recovery is two-pronged.  Not only do we need to make it easier for our job providers to create stable, good paying jobs for working families, but we also need an education system that will prepare our children for these jobs.

GH Swanson Pickles

Since 2011, I am proud of the work we have done to dramatically transform the landscape of Michigan into a jobs first, pro-growth state.  As proof, all three major Wall Street credit ratings agencies have upgraded Michigan’s credit outlook as a vote of confidence in the reforms we passed.  We have reduced unfunded liabilities by more than $16 billion that is in turn boosting bond ratings and lowering debt obligations for our children and grandchildren.  The movement of goods and services on our roadways is critical to a vibrant economy.  We’ve increased funding for our roads and bridges by directing more than $220 million in new money for roads without raising revenue. We are directing that money to repair the roads and bridges that are priorities for our communities.

Ravenna ductileMy goal continues to be to make Michigan a state where our hardworking men and women can be educated, be employed, and raise their families for generations to come.