Our Veterans – True American Heroes

GH veterans eventOver 42 million American patriots have served this nation and fought to protect our liberties.  They have loved their country more than their own private interests.  We are a grateful nation, and I thank all of the dedicated veterans and those who are on active duty.  Were it not for the courage and commitment of veterans and those currently serving, we wouldn’t enjoy the bedrock principles of our country – freedom of speech and religion; property rights; our right to vote and elect a representative government; our right to live and work where we please; and the free enterprise system.  I’m one American who will never stop being grateful for the sacrifices veterans made, and will never lose sight of the high price of freedom.

LST life ringI’m honored to participate in many different veteran-related events throughout the district and am frequently asked to serve on veterans committees such as: American Red Cross – Services to Armed Forces Families Committee; the 2013 Muskegon Veteran’s Job Fair aboard the LST 393; Hospice of Michigan’s We Honor Veterans pinning ceremonies; Muskegon Charter Boat Association’s Armed Forces Salmon Assault Veterans Weekend event; USS Silversides Lost Boat Ceremony; and the LST 393 Armed Forces Day Ceremony.